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Shopee's Lunar New Year

Role: Senior Creative

The awakening of the lunar dragon marks the arrival of the much-anticipated regional Lunar New Year sale and unveils a season filled with extraordinary deals and roaring prosperity.

Shopee Regional Lunar New Year Sale KV.png

Regional Key Visual

The design embraces festive motifs with calligraphic-inspired brushwork to depict an emerging dragon that is culturally relatable and easily adaptable across all campaign touch points for Shopee's regional markets.

Local Campaign TVC (Vietnam)

Produced by Shopee Vietnam's local team, the TVC features the adaptation of the KV into its motion graphics and set design with the awakening of the dragon as a symbolic ushering of the many deals on offer.

Digital Touchpoints

With the campaign spanning across social media platforms as well as within the homepages and microsites of the Shopee App, local adaptions take cue from the KV's visual tone to create deliverables that reflect an energetic and festive vibe.

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