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Role: Project Lead

Led a team of designers for the rebranding exercise of a regional logistics company, SPX (previously known as Shopee Xpress). This project saw a full revamp in it's brand identity across all touch-points, from uniforms, transport design, storefront concepts to OOH ads.

Brand Guidelines

The key deliverable in the rebranding exercise was the SPX Brand Guidelines. Comprehensively covering all aspects of brand identity, the guidelines aided SPX's local teams in executing their rebranding in across all existing and potential touch-points.

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SPX Store.jpg

SPX Pickup Point Store Design

Given SPX's numerous pickup points across South East Asia, a standardised store design was introduced to allow for more cohesive and impactful branding that allowed SPX to stand out as an efficient and trusted logistics partner from competitors.

SPX Website

With an overhaul in branding, a new website design was also integral in ensuring that an improved user experience is also paired with the brand's new look.


Marketing Touchpoints

Be it OOH, digital banners, or social posts, streamlining SPX's marketing efforts with the regional rebranding serves as an integral part of cohesively bringing to mind the SPX brand in its new visual language.

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